This is an excerpt of the most recent interview of the pretty actress, Min Hyorin. She starred in “Sisters Slamdunk”, the movie, “Sunny” and the MBC drama, “Triple”.

When she was asked about her troubles about being an actress and to whom she shares these troubles with, Min Hyorin answered that she really has lots of stories about it, and she has a boyfriend who is also almost in the same line of job.

She was also asked about Taeyang’s song, “Darling” released in the summer and the rumor that comes with it being a farewell song. She answered that she heard that it was a farewell song. She confirmed that they did not break up and both were very surprised (with the rumor).

When asked how she feels about Taeyang calling her “his biggest muse“, Min Hyorin blushed and said that she did not know about it.

She was asked if she’s aware that the song, “Eyes, Nose, Lips” was made thinking about her, she replied, “Yes“.

Even though the two have been together for quiet sometime, the interviewer said that the loving couple seems like they have just started dating. She said, “If my boyfriend is just an ordinary person, or an actor, I would be more comfortable talking about him. But since he’s an idol singer and also has other members, so I think I have to be more careful”.

She was also asked if she is thinking about marriage sine she’s in her 30’s, Hyorin said, “Yes“.