[INSTIZ] SEUNGHOON and his phone banner at MBC Gayo

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N/T: 90% of the comments are either laughing or saying that he’s cute/adorable The other 10% translated:

  1. “I’ve taken a liking to him after watching the broadcast.”
  2. “I was smiling like a mother every time he appeared on screen.”
  3. “His cheerleader(?) dancing at the end was so funnyㅋㅋㅋ (ft. Song Masternim)”
  4. “He looks like he’ll bring all the groups’ lightsticks next time.”
  5. “Seunghoon and all the other WINNER members looked like they were really enjoying the gayo.”
  6. “He danced really excitedly at the end while holding a WINNER lightstick he borrowed from a fan.”
  7. “I got excited about it because of him.”
  8. “I watched until the end because of Aru” (N/T:fans call Hoon, “Aru”)
  9. “Totally enjoying the year-end music show”
  10. “A professional audience member”
  11. “It looks like he came to watch the concert instead of performing 12. The more I look at WINNER, the more I come to like them!”

Translation: @chrissy96_ (Thank you!)

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