This is probably not what they mean when they say only non-fans get lucky. Anyways, 2017 was a busy and meaningful year for WINNER and “New Journey to the West Spin Off: Youth Over Flowers with WINNER” was at the core of that. WINNER’s unfiltered, pure, and playful selves stole the hearts of people who didn’t know anything about them before. And right now, there is a talk about WINNER’s comeback. When Nylon sent a love-call to WINNER, their reply was quick and refreshing but the process until the photoshoot was not smooth. There was so much to do for the photoshoot but the proposal draft got overturned. There was such little time for preparation that we even thought that a meeting with the photoshoot team was a waste of time. But we still wanted to do well. We wanted to create results that would surpass all of WINNER’s previous magazine photoshoots. We wanted to create a spread that would make people fall into it in seconds just by taking a glance. Coincidentally, the day of the photoshoot was Lee Seunghoon’s birthday.

They were quiet during the photoshoot. They were loud for a short time when they were teasing each other but they waited calmly as though the bustling of the staff did not phase them. Kang Seungyoon joked with the photoshoot team and Song Mino took photos of the set with his camera that only a few people in Korea own. At the set location, TEAM WINNER sang happy birthday once every 30 minutes. The only celebratory thing we could do was to clap together due to the cold and cramped set location. The cover of the February issue of Nylon, graced with WINNER in blue denim at a colorful bar, was completed. When the WINNER members said, “So pretty”, “It’s pretty”, “It’s already out?” while looking at the cover photo, I wanted to high-five each one of them. Right now, at five in the morning, I am finishing up this February issue that faced more obstacles than usual. Finding myself smiling at WINNER’s photoshoot data appearing on the monitor makes me wonder if I am fated to become their fan or if it’s just a sense of volition that journalists have. Even at this time as I finish this February issue, a specific date for WINNER’s comeback hasn’t been announced yet. However, it is not a disappointing fact if we remind ourselves about how YG always announces comeback dates very suddenly.

You had many individual activities during 2017. We heard that your fans worked hard in 2017 as well since they followed your individual activities and your group activities.
You have “The first male idol to win #1 at the shortest time”, “The first male idol to surpass 100 million chart-in streams”, among other titles. You get called “the first” more often than the usual idol group.
What kind of adult do you want to be? How do you want to grow older?
What is something you don’t want to lose no matter how much time passes?
Do you ever want to be asked about something during interviews?
What are you most interested in these days?
What is something you tell yourself most often?
What is the most precious thing in life?
Then what do you fear most in life?
Each of you had many more individual activities (in 2017). What direction do you want to take in expanding your fields?
WINNER’s consistency! Where does your energy to keep going come from?
Do you have habits while making music?

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