yang hyunsuk

iKON sent their appreciation for YANG HYUN SUK

On January 26, iKON had a round interview in Hapjung Dong, Seoul Mapo District.

During the interview, members of iKON sent their gratitude for YG’s representative producer, YANG HYUN SUK.

“He felt like a strict father until last year, but I get a warm feeling from him starting from this year” – JU-NE

June said, “He tells us that he will communicate with us directly. It’s very convenient doing so. He sometimes even makes jokes. We get comfortable day by day”.

The members also added, “He also gives us realistic advice”. They continued, “He gives us advice in detail. He does so with a vision in the long-run. We often felt that while preparing for this album. It really helped us a lot”.

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