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The release of iKON’s 2nd regular album, “RETURN” became a stepping stone to success. It is no longer surprising that many have been anticipating for your growth in the absence of senior group BIGBANG, YG Entertainment’s most influential artists.

Chan: “A lot can tell that both groups, us and WINNER hyungs felt a great sense of responsibility to have been the groups following behind BIGBANG. Rather than becoming BIGBANG, we wanted to have our own unique color as a group. The hyungs are really great, and we wanted be just as good as them. I think, we should work hard and do our best. I don’t wan’t to grow old with any regrets”.

DK:“Every single one of our 5 BIGBANG hyungs have their own uniqueness and individuality. There were a lot of times that we learned from them in finding our own color. I personally think we’d rather work hard than be pressured in filling up for their absence”.

Their older brothers, WINNER is both their great motivator and competitor. They were greatly loved after the release of “Really Really” and “Love Me, Love Me” last year. In one interview, they stated “WINNER is like YG’s Ugly Duckling (that will turn into a swan)“. We explained that they must have found their YG color.

B.I: “Even us feel like we are an outsider at YG. It’s because of inferiority complex which became a thing that had been passed on, I think. It became a habit.”

Bobby:“It’s ridiculous that there’s an inferior B-class idol, I don’t agree with it”.

When you made your debut, you were called, a “Monster Rookie”. The iKON who gained that monicker have became singers for almost 4 years. Now, how would you want to be remembered by the public?

JU-NE: “A monster is something scary. I’d want to be called as a “friend” in the future. I just want to forget about my job and be someone normal who can come in contact with the people. Being a human being is an advantage. I think it is very important to be human regardless of your status/position. I’d like them to feel that even while I am singing, I am talking to them as a person, that they can feel my emotion”. 

DK: “When I search for the word ‘icon’, a lot of words came up, like “love icon” and “XX icon”. I’d like to be called,”the icon among icon”.

Lastly, iKON announced that they’d be meeting the fans which would hopefully boost up their energy at the beginning of the year. We hope that you’d remain that young, carefree charm of iKON.

BOBBY: “We hope to impart a positive energy not just through music but in every way possible, that this year be happier than last year. We really got a good record this January, and we wish we could be happier going forward”.


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