WINNER will perform in Budokan, Japan for the first time since debut

On April 28, WINNER will hold the finale of their Japan tour, ‘WINNER JAPAN TOUR 2018‘ at Budokan, Japan.

Starting from February 10, WINNER will hold a tour consisted of 10 concerts in a total of 6 cities in Japan, with the addition of a finale concert that will be held in Budokan, Japan.

The tickets for WINNER’s tour in Japan were all sold out, so the fans requested for an additional concert, which is primarily the reason why the concert at Budokan was confirmed. Since WINNER’s new performances will be revealed through this tour, the local fans are already looking forward to the upcoming tour.

WINNER’s leader YOON (Kang Seung Yoon) stated,

“Thanks to the fans that supported us, we will be able to perform at Budokan Japan, the stage we have dreamt about”.

He continued, “We will prepare for our new performances and will take on a new challenge with various genres through songs in ‘FATE NUMBER FOR’ and ‘OUR TWENTY FOR’ (albums). We want to display a warm performance where we can unite with our fans”

Last year, WINNER won 5 crowns in Korean music ranking programs with their song ‘REALLY REALLY’, while being placed at no. 1 at iTunes charts in 21 different countries. Since the song’s release, it’s maintaining its position at the weekly top 100, and even set a milestone on January 4 by surpassing 100 million streams.


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