Astaff member who recently had a photoshoot with WINNER shared his impressions about the group’s rapper, Song Mino and what he is like when the cameras are not rolling.

The first time his face flashed in our screens during the broadcast of WIN: Who is Next, he have this “I don’t give a sh*t” kind of attitude, highly intimidating at times, and he had this somewhat stoic reception of either his member’s advice or the judges’ commentaries.

He easily became the target of the public’s condemnation during his time at ‘Show Me the Money 4’. It is one of the many excruciating points in life for an artist still on his way of establishing his own name, to climb all the way up there,  only that all his hard work went up in smoke in the end. The editing was supposed to be for comedic purposes, but the result was noxious for his career as a budding artist. He was at his lowest, but his song “FEAR” became his redemption.

It must be hard turning the tables, however, his misfortunes became his advantage. That song went on as #1 for many days, even defeating IU‘s in the local charts, minus all those promotions. Since then, his story scribbled in a song became the anthem of those still chasing for their dreams.

But all of that is the Song Mino we only get to watch in a heavily edited program. He is quiet different off-cam, and one staff member wrote a narrative about that:

After I arrived at the airport and found out that we were doing a photoshoot with WINNER, I looked for him first ㅋㅋㅋ His good looks are no joke in person. From what I’ve seen on TV, I thought Song Mino was true to his cold and aloof image so I was staring at him thinking, “Wow, he’s a celebrity” but he’s the most energetic and playful out of his group members.

He has a great personality He seems to be a really curious person because he kept asking what’s this and that was to the staff members without showing any sign of shyness despite meeting them for the first time and he also asked if he could touch some of the equipment.

He’s really sociable. The other external staff members, including me, expected Song Mino to be the most difficult member to talk to because he’s so famous but he has a lot of aegyo and he’s really good-natured and he’s just the total opposite of his chic face.

But when the cameras start rolling, he completely changes… it’s kind of scary. Out of all the members, he changes the most. All the staff members were really surprised every time Song Mino’s photos came up. He’s good at modeling for photoshoots and it looked like he knows ㅋㅋㅋ He’s photogenic and he looks good in videos too.

Truthfully, people who work in this industry already know this but it’s really rare for celebrities to look good in both photos and videos, even actors/actresses in the movie industry… (most movie actors/actresses in Korea are known to be insanely gorgeous) I really felt that Song Mino was born to be a celebrity.

These days, Mino became not only the desires of many young female fans, but men wanted to be cool and swaggy like him, even comedian Kang Ho Dong have acquired  some of his catchphrases, and people around him have been smitten by his vibrant personality.

The variety shows he participated in also became a huge help to overcome the bad impressions people have for him in the past.  He found another skill he is good at, and that’s by making people laugh.

He exactly knows how to be cool and sexy, who knows that he become hotter when he’s angry and most of all, he is still the down-to-earth kind of guy.

Indeed, Mino is born to be a celebrity.

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