seungri chinese movie

Seungri of BigBang is appearing on the big screen in China for the first time.

The film will first be released in mainland China before going to Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Vietnam, YG Entertainment, the singer’s agency, said Thursday.

The film ‘LOVE ONLY’ which gathered attention since SEUNGRI played a lead role, will premiere all over China on March 2. The filming was completed in 2016, but the premiere date was just recently confirmed.

Starting from the press conference that will be held in Hong Kong on the 8th, he will actively participate in the promotion in China. Numerous Chinese media have already registered for the press conference, and it is expected that the spotlight will be focused on SEUNGRI.

“I wanted to challenge a new field. I’m looking forward to the movie premiere, and it makes me feel good just to think about it” – Seungri 

SEUNGRI will show a contrasting image from what he has previously shown as BIGBANG’s mischievous youngest member. Although it was his first time starring in a Chinese film, he communicated with the other actors in Chinese even during free time, to display a natural command of Chinese language.

The movie is a romance film that covers love friendship of young men and women. SEUNGRI played a role of a biracial Asian who grew up in Europe, and works as a marketing executive for a large corporation. He played a character who would give his everything for love. With Chinese star actress Guo Bi-ting, SEUNGRI will portray a romantic love as a ‘visual couple’.

SEUNGRI and Guo Bi-ting’s kiss scene was revealed in a recently released trailer in China, raising expectations on the film. The movie poster that contains the sweet looks and smiles of the two people are already melting the people’s hearts as well.

The premiere is planning expand from China to Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Vietnam, and more.The film ‘LOVE ONLY’ contains stylish visuals from Beijing, Hong Kong, France, UK, and Saipan. The stylish elements and romantic emotions are complexly illustrated, raising expectations on the film.

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