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BOBBY will capture the hearts of passengers on the way to Busan in ‘All Broadcasting in the World’, with his unexpected charms unlike the charismatic rapper image he portrays on stage. It is said that he worked harmoniously with the passengers although it was his first appearance in ‘Where are you going?’.

MBC’s ‘All Broadcasting in the World’ (Directed by Kim Myungjin and Choi Mingeun, abbv. as ‘All Broadcasting’) which will air on February 10, will run a joint project, ‘Where are You Going’, with Busan Bus.

On the photos released, BOBBY can be seen happily exchanging greetings with the citizens in the show. He attracted people’s attention with his charming eye smiles and ‘dog-like beauty’, unlike the charismatic image he displays on stage.

According to the staff members, BOBBY offered full-service for a Japanese passenger by escorting the passenger to her accommodation, and singing a happy birthday song at the spot. While he captured the heart of the Japanese passenger, he also showed his gratitude towards an enthusiastic fan of iKON, who shed tears when BOBBY was spotted at the bus.

It is said that BOBBY continued his friendly conversations saying, “I’m not a celebrity~ I’m just another kid from town~”, and even happily dined with the passengers afterwards.

He lost his way back after escorting a passenger, but kept cool while talking to himself, “Ha! I have a bad sense of direction!’, raising expectations of viewers who are eager to watch BOBBY’s charms.

BOBBY warming the hearts of Busan passengers with a ‘doggy smile’ that can even melt the cold, will air through ‘All Broadcasting’  on February 10 at 3:30 PM.

Meanwhile, ‘All Broadcasting’ is an outdoor-variety program that sends out MCs to broadcasting programs in Korea and all over the world, while actively participating in the planning of the program and the entire filming process.

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