Boy group iKON’s long-run popularity looks sturdier than ever. They are maintaining their no. 1 spot in charts for 16 consecutive days. The number of users are increasing as well, which can be an indicator that the new song successfully became the ‘public pick’.

LOVE SCENARIO’, the title song from iKON’s second official album, once again achieved a perfect domination of all charts as of February 9 at 8:00AM. They were at no. 1 in all 8 major music streaming platforms in Korea.

It’s not the first time iKON have achieved an ‘all-kill’, but the achievement is fascinating since the song was released last month. The music market these days are like the ‘warring states period’. That is, new songs are released day by day and the no. 1 spot switches very often and quickly. This indicates that the pace of consumption in music industries is getting faster day by day.

However, iKON is still wearing the crown, for 16 consecutive days. Before the chart reform, only artists like BIGBANG, and after the chart reform, only artists like Yoon Jongshin could maintain long-run popularity. Besides, iKON focused in activities overseas last year. Despite all these facts, iKON is setting milestones with their official album released in 2 years, while breaking records of their previous hit, ‘MY TYPE’.

At midnight, they set another record. Melon, Korea’s largest music streaming platform, provides user information who downloaded or streamed a song within a 24-hour period. In other words, they are providing information on how many users listened to a certain track in a day. The number of users for ‘LOVE SCENARIO’ surpassed 770,000 on this day. Since the only male-idols who surpassed 700,000 users after the chart reform was G-DRAGON and ZICO. iKON achieved this record for the first time ever as a boy group.

The music of idol groups is usually focused on their fans. That’s the reason why idol songs usually climb up the charts at dawn. However, keeping the no. 1 spot for more than 15 days and surpassing 700,000 listeners in one day is not possible with just fandom support. The results can only be interpreted that iKON created a song of the ‘public’s type’.

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