Fans on the popular Korean interactive forum, PANN started a thread about comebacks that they are anticipating this year. The group, WINNER came out as one of those that the fans are really wanting to make a comeback.

With the huge hit they released last year, it’s no longer a surprise that WINNER came out on top of the list, with fans unanimously saying, “I want to hear their new song”, or “Please hit a daebak with a full album and songs”. While some fans also suggested that the group BTOB and Mamamoo should also make their comebacks a priority this year.

The success of WINNER’s no. 1 single, “REALLY REALLY” was ground breaking  as well as record-breaking that WINNER became the first and only Kpop boy group to hit the 100m streaming mark on Gaon Chart.

Meanwhile, the group’s labelmate, iKON are currently dominating the charts with their new single “Love Scenario.”

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