iKON achieved another ‘perfect all-kill’ along with their no. 1 march for 17 consecutive days.

‘LOVE SCENARIO’, the title song from iKON’s 2nd official album ‘RETURN’, dominated no. 1 spots in all 8 major music streaming platforms in Korea including Melon, Mnet, Genie, Soribada, Bugs, Olleh, Naver, and Monkey 3, as of February 10, 11 AM.

iKON, who is maintaining their top spot in music charts for 3 weeks since the album was released last month on the 25th, surpassed their previous record from the song ‘MY TYPE’, and is currently renewing their record day by day. They have positioned themselves as ‘power players’ in the music industry, by maintaining their no. 1 spot despite a flood of newly released songs.

Another good news also came from Japan. ‘iKON PICNIC’, which gathered attention as iKON’s first-ever reality program starring all members, started airing in Japan on February 9, through Ameba TV.

Ameba TV is a digital channel ran by TV Asahi, one of Japan’s top 5 major terrestrial networks. As they have accumulated a total of 2.6 million views on January, they currently have strong influence in Japan, as much as major terrestrial networks.

‘iKON PICNIC’ covers a field-trip travelogue of iKON, which was one of their wishes. The previously unknown charms of individual members were displayed in the show, leading to positive reviews from fans in and out of Korea. Also, Japan’s rising stars made appearance as students from ‘Tokyo Girl’s Highschool’, while popular entertainers such as Jung Hyungdon, Jo Seho, and Kim Shinyoung participated as well, completing iKON’s 4 nights and 5 days Jeju Island travelogue, full of memories,

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