WINNER became #1 on Japanese Oricon Charts

For the first time since their debut, WINNER ranked at no. 1 in Oricon Charts, as they began their Japan tour with a fabulous start.

On February 10, according to Japan’s Oricon Charts, WINNER’s ‘OUR TWENTY FOR’ released on February 7, reached no. 1 in the Daily CD Album Chart. The result is very meaningful since it’s WINNER’s first no. 1 in Oricon Charts.

On the same day, WINNER began their ‘WINNER JAPAN TOUR 2018 at Ichihara Shi City Hall, located in Chiba, Japan. It’s their first Japan tour since the group reorganized as 4 members. They also plan to hold a total of 11 concerts in 7 cities.

WINNER, who made their appearance in a LED STAGE that represents the 4 members of WINNER started the opening with their hit single, ‘LOVE ME LOVE ME’. The large-scale LED stage is 12-meters wide and 6-meters high. When WINNER’s flexible dance performance began, the crowd responded with a big roar.

The song that heat up the city hall the most was ‘REALLY REALLY’, the song was released last year on April and represent the new WINNER by surpassing 100 million streams. The audiences in Japan sang along the song, as if they were waiting for it.

WINNER also performed ‘Haru Haru (WINNER Ver.)’ for the audiences as a surprise. They have previously received positive reviews by re-interpreting BIGBANG’s legendary song in last year’s SBS ‘Gayo Daejun’.

At the end of the concert, YOON stated, “The title of this tour was named by members with our hopes that your moments of youth and beauty last forever. We can stay young forever. We will become WINNER that presents youth to our fans, even if tens of years pass by”.

WINNER, who started their fourth Japan tour in their 4th year since debut, as a new 4-member formation, will hold their first-ever concert in Budokan, on April 28.

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