Fans from the Korean media platform, PANN talked about an idol who is awesome at showing love to his fans, especially on Valentine’s Day (Feb. 14).

WINNER was working hard during their concert in Japan!

They finally returned after 10 days on Valentines Day! And for the fans who waited for them, it’s nonetheless a “Royce”!

He brought Royce chocolate… (for the waiting fans)

Look at the class of his gift…His love for the fans is this great, how can you not like him…

A February comeback seems to be late already, but whether it’s March or April, I will be waiting….


Lee Seunghoon is seriously the real deal. Like for real. The reason we were able to endure the darkness of the hiatus is because of Lee Seunghoon.

Royce is really daebak…

That’s loyalty

He treats his fans with much sincerity

It really nice for him to consider what the fans really want.

Why are they (WINNER) so lovable lately?