On March 2, YG Entertainment released the teaser image for iKON’s new single, ‘RUBBER BAND’ on their official blog. People are paying close attention to the song’s title, and its credits.

‘RUBBER BAND’ will be the first song co-written and composed under collaboration between iKON’s B.I and WINNER’s MINO since their debut. The combination is new and surprising. YG’s boy-groups WINNER and iKON previously battled each other to make debut in a survival program named ‘WIN’, back in 2013. WINNER eventually won the competition and debuted first with the song, ‘EMPTY’.

iKON and WINNER are both known as the ‘artist-type’ idol-groups that write, compose, and produce their own albums. As WINNER achieved a historical success with the song ‘REALLY REALLY’ last year and iKON followed up with another historical record by maintaining their no. 1 spot for 37 days in music charts, their competitive positions are tighter than ever. However, while they compete in the K-POP scene, they are good friends and brothers that spent hard times together as YG trainees. The first collaboration between two teams since debut indicates the starting point of iKON and WINNER becoming ‘partners’ rather than rivals.

YG stated, “Since the two teams are often doing collaborative work with each other, people are expecting more collaborative works to be released in the future, following ‘RUBBER BAND’”. They continued, “The new song ‘RUBBER BAND’ was a song kept by YANG HYUN SUK, as iKON’s title song for their next album”. The also added, “It’s a surprise gift for the fans that explains the group’s ambitions to continue their active promotion and hard work in Korea, as they have set a milestone of being at no. 1 for 37 days”.

Composer MILLENNIUM, who worked on ‘LOVE SCENARIO’ with B.I also participated in the creation of ‘RUBBER BAND’. They did not film a music video since it is a surprise release which wasn’t part of the original plan, but they will display new choreography through music broadcasts.

People are paying keen attention on whether iKON will succeed in re-writing their own record of marching at no. 1 for 37 days with their song ‘LOVE SCENARIO’.

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