BIGBANG’s New Single ‘FLOWER ROAD’ to be Released, Made with the Thoughts of “Enlistment”


BIGBANG, to release a surprise single! 

Details of the upcoming surprise single of Kpop group, BIGBANG have been unveiled little by little.

On the 10th, YG Entertainment revealed infos of BIGBANG’s upcoming single which will be released on the 13th. Their official blog, YG Life announced that the new single is entitled, “FLOWER ROAD”.

The multi-colored flowers on the poster teaser of the single have captured the viewer’s attention. The lyrics of the song is written by the eldest member, T.O.P (currently serving in the military), and as well as G-Dragon who recently enlisted also in the army. BIGBANG’s feelings toward the fans while facing enlistment were engraved into the lyrics.

G-DRAGON, who also serves as a producer for BIGBANG, participated in the composing of the song as well. In the creation of the melody, he collaborated with The Fliptones, who also participated in creating GD x TAEYANG’s ‘GOOD BOY’ and TAEYANG’s ‘Stay With Me’.

‘FLOWER ROAD’ was created by members of BIGBANG with their upcoming enlistments in mind, while they were working on their latest official album, ‘MADE’. That is precisely why the song will be released on the date of DAESUNG’s enlistment on the 13th, following TAEYANG’s enlistment on the 12th.

The song ‘FLOWER ROAD’ receives a lot of attention since it will be a song made by BIGBANG released after a year and 3 months. Furthermore, since all 5 members were featured in the song, the surprise release will be fruitful showers for the fans in and out of Korea, who will miss BIGBANG while the group is on hiatus while the members currently serves their military duties.

Following BIGBANG’s eldest member T.O.P, G-DRAGON enlisted in the ‘White Skull’ Division located in Cheorwon, Gangwon-do on February 27. TAEYANG will enlist in the ‘Blue Star’ 6th Division Recruit Training Center located in Cheorwon, Gangwon-do on the upcoming 12th, while DAESUNG will enter the ‘Ikija’ 27th Division Recruit Training Center on the 13th.

The youngest member SEUNGRI is currently preparing for his solo album which will be released this year, as well as performing his scheduled activities in and out of Korea.

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