Member of the group Big Bang, Daesung/D-Lite (29, Kang Dae-sung) enters the military.

Daesung will be admitted to the 27th Division located at Hwacheon, Gangwon Province on  the 13th (today). Daesung will serve his active duties for 21 months right after receiving basic military training.

Daesung arrived today, greeting the fans who came to support him at a distance with his bright smile. The reporters who got close to him reported that Daesung states, ” I will be doing well. To the fans, I love you!”

Daesung is the third member of BIGBANG who enlisted in the military. G-Dragon entered the 3rd Division recruitment training camp on February 27 while Taeyang entered the 6th Division recruit training center on the 12th.

According to an official of the agency, YG Entertainment, Daesung wanted to wear military uniforms at the same time as the other members, he even applied for voluntary participation last year.

Daesung, who was born in 1989, made his debut as a Big Bang member in 2006. Daesung has been loved not only in music but also in broadcasts because of his powerful vocals and friendly charm.

Daesung has released many singles and have also become a very successful solo artist, especially in Japan where he released an album in 2014, which received great popularity.

On the other hand, Big Bang announced a new song ‘Flower Road’ created with the inevitable vacancy in mind with the military presence on the 13th.

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