Taeyang and Daesung, members of the Kpop group, BIGBANG enters the military. Taeyang enters the “Blue Skull” division on the 12th, while the latter joined under the “Ikija” division on the 13th.

Taeyang will undergo a 5-week training at Cheorwon, Gangwon Province, after which he will be assigned to the said army unit, according YG Entertainment.

To bid their farewell, fans lined up and gathered to see them both off, holding supporting messages and banners in their hands.

Daesung on the other hand will begin his basic army training session in Hwacheon, Gangwon Province.

Big Bang leader G-Dragon and rapper T.O.P, are currently serving their active duties. Seungri, the only Big Bang member who has yet to enlist, plans to enter the military after releasing a solo album sometime during the first half of the year.

Big Bang will release Flower Road, an unpublished special song on Tuesday to bid goodbye to the fans, written with the thoughts of ‘enlistment’.

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