taeyang army

BIGBANG’s TAEYANG (Dong Youngbae) walked into the base while his family and fans saw him off.

On March 12, 1:50 PM, TAEYANG entered the ‘Blue Star’ 6th Infantry Division recruit training center located in Cheorwon, Gangwon-do. He will start his active military duty after receiving basic military training. He will secure the Gangwon battlefront along with G-DRAGON who enlisted in the ‘White Skull’ Division, and DAESUNG who will enlist in the ‘Ikija’ Division.

The fans waited in front of the base from the morning, waiting for TAEYANG’s arrival. Since the weather got warmer since G-DRAGON’s enlistment date, people wore lighter clothes while waiting for him. The fans held slogans that stated, “We’ll wait for you”, and held plan cards that read “Let’s Meet Again”.

TAEYANG waved his hand to the fans and smiled. He even performed a deep bow on the ground, showing his affections and respect towards the fans. The fans responded by yelling “We love you” and “We’ll be waiting”.

It is known that TAEYANG’s wife, MIN HYORIN, also saw him off. She did not appear at the scene, however. The couple became husband and wife at a wedding held last month in a church located in Gyeonggi-do. MIN HYORIN will wait for TAEYANG and support his active military duty in good health.

YG Entertainment’s YANG HYUN SUK also supported TAEYANG’s enlistment. He uploaded a selfie taken with TAEYANG and wrote the caption, “#I love you_Youngbae #Come back in good health”. He also uploaded a poster of BIGBANG’s upcoming single, ‘FLOWER ROAD’ which will be released on the 13th.

TAEYANG also uploaded the poster on his Instagram, while saying goodbye to the fans.

BIGBANG’s enlistment rush will continue further until the 13th, the date when DAESUNG enlists.

Four members of BIGBANG including T.O.P who’s serving as a public service worker, G-DRAGON who enlisted 2 weeks ago, TAEYANG, and DAESUNG will be serving military duty.

YG Entertainment will release ‘FLOWER ROAD’, a new song by BIGBANG for the fans on the 13th and will release the ‘LAST DANCE’ concert DVD later, which was successfully held last year.

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