From ‘EMPTY‘ in 2014 to ‘SENTIMENTAL‘ in 2016, ‘REALLY REALLY‘ and ‘LOVE ME LOVE ME’ in 2017, and to ‘EVERYDAY‘ in 2018. In 4 years since their debut, WINNER have always come out with a genre they haven’t tried and a new concept to meet the public.

Currently, they have become a team that dominates the music chart with each new release, and furthermore, a team whose music the public always awaits. This is exactly ‘that’ place [in the music industry] where all musicians dream to be.

For WINNER, their evolution and developments have become the team’s source of self-pride. As there aren’t many groups that are within the category of idol group and yet manage to have both quality musicality and wide public appeal, the fact that WINNER have worked with painstaking attention to their music during every moment of the past 4 years has developed into their self-esteem.

“The reason why we can be confident about the team WINNER is because in our 4 years since debut, there wasn’t a time we stood still. I think we have always strived for a more advanced WINNER than before. I can say this with confidence that, unless it’s from someone who does not like us, we have never heard from others critiques such as ‘you always make the same kind of music’ or ‘how come you haven’t progressed’. I think this(the fact that we haven’t received such critique) can be a good representation of how we may self-evaluate our past 4 years.”KANG SEUNG YOON

“It’s great and it makes me happy that as time goes by, I can feel that the team is growing tighter and pulling closer together, rather than breaking apart. This allows us to really enjoy our promotions and activities more. The staffs also tell us that they always have fun when they are participating in our promotions and activities. We are happily doing what we do with great joy.”LEESEUNGHOON

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