WINNER recently had their comeback stage at Show! Music Core, bagging the first place award immediately after their stellar live performances of their title track, ‘Everyday‘ and the track #2 entitled, ‘Air‘ from their new regular album.

On the performance video uploaded at Naver TV, the fans expressed their thoughts regarding WINNER’s performance. Here’s the top fan comments on the video:

The song is very good” [+1531, -9]

“A song that Kang Seung Yoon made inspired by a ‘diffuser’ gift given by a fan ㅠㅠㅠ KangKimSongLee, your charms are overflowing” [+1409, -19]

“Truly a song like this needs to rise back on the charts” [+1278, -11]

“All of WINNER’S songs are great songs. Let’s rise WINNER” [+1171, -9]

“Kyaaa to be able to see ‘Air’ on a broadcast!! I feel great that it seems they know that the reaction was good ㅋㅋ a Promotion of the b-side tracks, gogo-ssing (let’s go(?)) And Song Mino’s rap is so good” [+1059,-23]

“This… is it right that this song was made in the morning after waking up and smelling the fragrance of a diffuser that a fan gifted him… some information on the diffuser please… what kind of diffuser was it that it inspired a great song like this…” [+984, -14]

“The song is really great ㅠㅠ” [+964, -8]

“Ahhh Air’s choreography is also good, it’s all great. What am i to do I love you WINNER sob sob sob sob sobbb s000b soobbbb ㅠ” [+780, -12]

“I thought today, outfits were very pretty” [+746, -14]

“Congrats on 1st place ㅠㅠ” [+695, -13]

Translated by: @_suzino via Naver TV