Kpop quartet, WINNER discussed their latest album, ‘EVERYD4Y’

On April 23, fashion magazine Harper’s BAZAAR Korea released WINNER’s pictorial from the May edition of the magazine. The four members of WINNER looked amazing in stylish outfits while displaying their unique personalities.

The members talked about their most meaningful tracks from ‘EVERYD4Y’ on the interview that followed. HOONY recommended the song ‘RAINING’, which is a song written by himself for the first time (this is a song written by Mino and Hoon, arranged by Kang Uk Kin). JINU chose the title song ‘EVERYDAY(title track) as a song that goes well with Spring.

Leader YOON introduced the track ‘MOVIE STAR’. He stated, “That’s the song we put in the most effort in writing the lyrics. The other tracks from the album are songs one can enjoy in peace, but in ‘MOVIE STAR’, we tried hard to put in our own story. We had fun recording the sing-along chorus at the end, as if we came to play at a camp”.

WINNER made their comeback on April 4 as they did last year. When asked about the meaning of the number 4, MINO stated “We had so many events related to the number 4 that it just became WINNER’s representative number. I feel somewhat different even when the hands of the clock point to the number 4 (laughs). I think it’s highly likely that people will be able to enjoy new songs by WINNER on April 4 for a while”, raising expectations on WINNER’s future releases.


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