MIXNINE is a survival reality show aired on JTBC following the format of YG Entertainment’s founder and representative, Yang Hyun Suk visiting several entertainment agencies to find potential Kpop idols. It doesn’t only show the trainees’ performances, but it also shows the realities of running an entertainment agency.

The show has a great concept for showing not only the life of the trainees but the real-life situation and problems these agencies have to face for them to produce Kpop stars.

We have watched a few episodes of the show, however, compared to other YG Entertainment survival shows like ‘WIN’ and ‘Mix and Match‘, YG’s new venture at show production, we must honestly say, failed our expectations miserably, not entirely because the show is really bad…

This could have been discussed in other blogs and publication in the past, but we never posted anything about it as to not add insult to injury. We believe YG have learned a lesson from this, and since the issue resurfaces,let’s discuss and list a few things why this show has a lackluster following.

We believe it is not entirely the production/program director or their staff’s fault. YG pulled out the wrong card for having chosen a concept similar to Produce 101. That show was huge, that ANY promotion of a new show carrying an almost similar concept won’t do any help. We are not experts on show making, but here’s what he could have done, he could have invited agency drop-outs or talented people and give them a chance to prove they can make it. They could have produced a reality show on how they train individuals that doesn’t know how to dance or sing at all but with dreams of becoming a star one day, then train them, that at the very end of the show, YG can dramatically enter into the stage and say, “Congratulations, you make it!” That could be more empowering, more real, unscripted, that they only need a few cameras rolling, without putting out a big stash for production.

MIXNINE only showed how unprepared the staffs were, adding to that, the story line were not properly laid out, that the audiences were even having troubles identifying the trainees. We don’t know what’s going on in their minds and what’s happening behind the scene, but certainly, YG did not anticipate that he could deal with contractual disagreements with the involved agencies.

Here’s a translated article about this:

According to multiple reports, YG Entertainment and the labels of the final 9 ‘MIXNINE’ contestants met multiple times in April, with the last meeting being on April 29. YG Entertainment held onto its stance of having a 3-year contract, where the winners will have an album release each year. Six months out of the year, the winners would promote with the ‘MIXNINE’ team in both Korea and overseas, and they would go back to their labels for the other six.

Some of the labels ultimately could not accept the contract and asked YG Entertainment to keep their original contract of 4 months, plus a 15-country tour. However, YG Entertainment reportedly refused. As a result, the group’s debut may have ultimately been called off for good.

Additionally, the Fair Trade Commision found the contract between the trainees, the label, and the broadcast illegal on 4 different counts. The FTC declared that YG Entertainment’s proposed exemption clauses placed more burden on the trainees, as well as that the label must accept responsibility for failing to diligently create and promote their program, they must protect the contestants’ rights including underage contestants’ rights, and more.

Lastly, YG Entertainment’s notification of contract annulment proposal, which desired to end its contract once the trainees’ labels were notified and not the individuals themselves, was also found invalid. (press report translated by akp)

What on earth were they thinking upon making this show? A 15-country tour? Is that even possible with the reception of the audiences towards the show? YG’s legal team should have stepped up and inspected these clauses and stipulations before they enter into a contract, clearly they were anticipating that the program will do well, which isn’t a bad thing, but some of the demands from the agencies are somewhat impossible to carry out.

What could have been a fun show would be, “INSIDE YG“, a fun show showing off the real life inside YG Entertainment (they need not show trade secrets), but focus more on the real life of the trainees, as well as the artists, how the artists were when they were trainees, and what the changes are when they become professional singers. These information can feed curiosity of the fans, that is what we wanted to know. It could be a documentary/variety show/reality show rolled into one (is this even possible?) We’re not filmmakers but we certainly do know what the fans wanted.


We’re not really curious about the glitz and seemingly glamorous life of Kpop stars. We wanted to know their struggles, the productions struggles, their life when the cameras are not rolling (when it actually is), do they ever fight, and when they do, how they kiss and make up. If the story line is laid out like this, we can appreciate his artists more, because we want to know more about them…Feed the fans’ curiosity while silently promoting and exposing the artists, the budding ones, those that are still in the training dungeon.

Some of the ideas we also have includes, 2NE1, their lives after disbandment, the secret lives of the trainees, what is going on with the fans, the reactions of the artists when they receive fan gifts, when they open up fan letters… there’s a lot more that doesn’t require a lot of contractual agreements between agencies. Seungri‘s life without the rest of the members may even do well. Epik High, Lee Hi, where are they, we need to know as well, AKMU and the rest. It’s been so long…

It is a sad thing and a waste of efforts, more importantly, they only crushed trainees’ dreams. We wished these contractual issues could be fixed real soon.

Our little Hyunsuk may not even debut and also YG’s Byoung Gun… Let’s not forget the final 9: Woo Jin Young, Kim Hyo Jin, Lee Ru Bin, Kim Byeong Kwan, Choi Hyun Suk, Song Han Gyeom, Kim Min Seok, Lee Dong Hun, and Lee Byoung Gun.

What about their dreams now? Can they just settle and come up with a better option instead of demanding a lot more from one another? The show didn’t do well, but they promised to debut these 9, therefore both parties, YG and the rest are answerable to these kids!