Kpop boy group WINNER, K. Will and Dindin recently made an appearance on  JTBC’s “Sugar Man 2.” In the episode, Song Mino revealed that Dindin called him out of the blue one time.  He also revealed the two of them had met during the hip hop episode of  the show, “Infinite Challenge.”

Song Mino revealed, “After Infinite Challenge, we don’t really have a reason to meet, but he calls me all the time. One time, I answered, ‘Hey, it’s been a while’, he (Dindin) replied, ‘Hi, Mino. I’m on a radio show right now!’ He did that for about three or four times already.”

Later on, DinDin asked if he’d be allowed to explain his side of the story. Yoo Jae Suk then joked, “No, no. We don’t have time…” Dindin was able to explain his side however, saying “We got to know each other after appearing in a program together. Mino is a top star, but surprisingly, he opened up his heart to me. It might trouble him if I call him personally, so I took the chance of calling him on shows.”

DinDin afterwards told Song Mino, “Decide a time for me, and I’ll call you then.” When Song Mino was asked if he would hang out with DinDin, he joked, “I will certainly accept his calls, but I think it will be difficult to hang out with him.”

Mino’s response made DinDin cry out saying, “I would be hurt if he did this! (that’s why I call him on shows)” 

Song Mino then patted his back and shook his hand to comfort him.


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