WINNER at Seoul National University
WINNER at Seoul National University

Disclaimer/Admin Note: The following are translations of the original post, translated into English by the translator (indicated below) and posted on Instagram. They are posted verbatim, with few abbreviation, spelling and typo edits only.

This is a testimony of a male student who served Konkuk University Student Association. He shared a behind-the-scene story of casting WINNER in their school fests directly from the association.

Translation by ikkie16 (indicated by “*” sign as translator’s note)

The male student from Student Association stated:

The casting (of WINNER) was extremely tough. At least you should know that one thing. Seriously, we almost missed them.

Regarding the casting, you can never make your personal choice to get accepted because it is like your annual crop production by the Student Association (herein abbreviated as SA). If you invited the wrong guests, the SA would be deadly blamed throughout the year for making a dark history until they graduate. Thus it is the SA’s standpoint that they can’t cast the guests just because they are cheap and available, which is a complete bul*sh*t.

Of course, SA could be praised if it could cast the guests at a relatively lower cost because it proves SA’s casting ability. However, that sort of luck can never happen unless the guests are alumni.

As you know, inviting a male idol group is to take a considerable risk (of falling, being blamed). But (WINNER’s success) in last year’s Dongkook University Festival significantly affected (our decision). As far as I know, WINNER has become among the most wanted artists for University Festival in 2018 because they proved that they are the boy group that can make everyone enjoy and chant together. Note that the SA of each university researches quite a lot about how each artist performed previously (before casting) for other university festivals. keke

In March when we first contacted the company (YG), which declined our proposal because it was planning to send WINNER to just a few festivals as it did last year, and the schedules for those few festivals had already been arranged. But I heard that it was WINNER members that pushed ahead and made an absolute exception of university festivals.

Most importantly, you may be curious about how much they get paid. But hey, that can’t be leaked. No way. keke. I used to work for SA. So those who are saying they know how much they get paid now blah blah…they’re all liars. All I can say is that from students’ perspectives, it’s not even close to that cheap amount they are talking about.

Besides, WINNER is from Big 3, and you know who YG is, right? He is so pig-headed that he wouldn’t send their artists to music shows and awards ceremonies if there were any little trouble. (*YG is famous for “not selling their artists cheap.” PSY, who has more control over his activities, once said that he gives some student discounts for the University Festival as his regular performance fee is way too high for SA’s budgets).

Sh*t, although it’s been a while since the confirmation (WINNER’s guesting Kungook Uni festival), I have been completely silent about that. But as an Inner Ciricle, this (posting) is my official statement.

People who spread rumors as if those were true must have never been to university, or they must be going to college like losers. Inner Circles who have been to or are going to universities, you tell me, the guests (idols) for university festvals are what?–

Only those who are the standard of popularity in that year or those who are receiving the love from the general public can come. That is the fact.