WINNER on Knowing Brothers

Original Article: Knowing Brothers, WINNER x Yoo Byung Jae, YG’s Variety Masters, the Full Blown Bursts of Laughter
Translated Article: Here


1. WINNER are really handsome and a versatile group. [+2062, -52]

Reply: They’re all handsome my eyes were blessed. In particular after losing weight Song Mino is no joke. [+106, -4]

Reply: Jinu was really.. the pink hair on him is a match made in heaven [+38, -4]

2. WINNER was so fun a ㅎㅎㅎ (ha, ha, ha)[+643, -16]

3. Truly all four members of WINNER were all so fun ㅋㅋㅋ (14x) [+470, -10]

4. Writer, you wrote this article having watched ‘Knowing Brothers’, it may be because WINNER is so handsome that I only looked at WINNER’s faces. Song Mino. [+442, -65]

5. The WINNER episode was so fun ♡ [+442, -65]

6. Is Song Mino the visual member (shiver in fear)? While I was laughing I’d be completely shocked. Also Lee Seunghoon’s (WINNER’s Hoony) sense is great. Yes, yes, yes  [+271, -38]

7. Song Mino became really handsome  [+228, -40]

7. Today’s Knowing Brothers was so fun ♡ [+239, -67]



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