winner for sugarman

We combined the netizens comments on both videos, the broadcast version and the rehearsal version of the song, “First Love” originally sung by ‘Butterfly Effect(Kim Bada) and covered by WINNER on JTBC’s Two-Yoo Project, ‘Sugar Man 2‘.

The show has the concept of turning an old song into a new version, with their guests appearing on the show performing a newer version. WINNER’s video is trending at #2 on Naver TV, just behind the Kpop Queen, Lee Hyori’s video.

Here are some of the comments (usually the top comments) on Naver TV’s uploaded versions of the videos:

“WINNER’s combination of the tones (probably meant their voice harmony)”

“Today’s stage is really daebak (meaning a ‘big hit’), please give me the real audio ㅠ”

“WINNER’s arrangement is also good, what can’t they do?”

“This song is a song of the past. Please check out WINNER’s version.”

“Please give me the record.”

“Kang Seung Yoon’s voice…”

“Rap in the song is so good!”

“I have come to like WINNER.”

“Music audio please, give me today’s WINNER”

“KWINNER was WINNER” (Kwill + Winner)

“They are so good at arranging! WINNER daebak!”

“It’s a great song. It’s a song. It’s a song. It’s a song. It’s a song. It’s a song. It’s a song. It’s a song. It’s a song.”

“Classic song again.”

“President please ㅠㅠ ㅠㅠ” (probably begging for the audio to be released)

“Also singing Everyday because of WINNER”

“WINNER sounded nice and good, this is first class!”

“Oh really cool!”

“Oh so good!!”

“Kang Seung Yoon and Kim Jinwoo’s singing is good.”

“WNNER songs are good and cool.”