The following was posted on the media platform PANN where the fans voiced out their opinions about the song, ‘First Love‘ originally sung by ‘Butterfly Effect‘ and it’s rendition performed by group, WINNER for the first time on the second season of ‘Sugar Man’Yoo Hee Yeol and Yoo Jaesuk‘s project.

A day and a half have passed, the performance is still trending on the Korean video portal, Naver TV, and the fans and the people alike who were able to watch the broadcast have been requesting for the digital copy of the rendition to be released.

Before we move on further, we will show  the original version of the track and the rendition made by WINNER:

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Now, here’s the PANN post bearing it’s original title: “I KNOW WHY WINNER WON”
As for the K-netizens’ and fans’ comments on the post, kindly check the original translation HERE:.

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Winner guested on Sugarman and they won, the majority of the votes weren’t from the 10s but the 40s instead.
The original version of First Love that was sung by Butterfly Effect has this ‘rock’ feels in it, so I was thinking like ‘Wouldn’t it be an advantage only for Kang Seungyoon..?’

But I was wrong.. Winner rearranged the song really well, the combination of their voices sound really amazing..

A producer posted this on Instagram:
‘Winner’s version of First Love is so legendary.. The original version is legendary as well, but if this version was released.. It would do an all-kill on every music charts that exist’
Kim Jinwoo sings the part that goes ‘She’s all I need’ and his voice sounds so pure there ㅠ
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The original singer even admires Winner’s performance..
He told them that they sang the song like it was their own song, and he also admitted that he started to see Winner in a new light musically (?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ)
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You might be asking the same thing, ‘Why aren’t they releasing the song digitally?’
‘Hey, give us the digital track’
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Admin Note: Originally, songs that would win in Sugar Man should have been released digitally, but why is YG not allowing it? Kim Bada got asked by the fans why the song wasn’t released. He answered that YG is not allowing it… Err? The fans are so upset.

Again, as for the comments and reactions please check HERE; Original PANN post HERE


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