On the May 12th episode on ‘Knowing Brothers’ when WINNER and Yoo Byung Jae made a guest appearance, Mino entered the room looking at Kang Hodong directly, saying, “I watched the Lee Seunggi’s episode.”

0003780401_002_20180512090912688The members commented, “It looks like you lost a lot of weight than the last time you made an appearance. You look like you don’t even have the strength to talk.”

When asked, “Why did you lose weight?” Song Mino replied, “I watched Lee Seung Gi’s episode and Kang Ho Dong told him that he’s the ‘younger brother that he loves.’ That’s why I lost weight.”

The members of the show then enumerated many of Kang Ho Dong’s close “younger brothers” including Super Junior’s Leeteuk and Boom.

They jokingly said, Song Mino had many  more mountains left to climb.