A post on the media platform PANN became a hot topic among netizens lately.  The post bears the title, “Billboard Singer Who Plagiarized WINNER Song”.

According to the post made by a netizen, the singer originally uploaded the video as if he claimed that the song was his, and after multiple complaints from fans and other listeners that the song is obviously WINNER’s “Island” which was released just last year (2017), the artist renamed the title of the video as “Nobody (Island Remix)”

The original PANN post can be found here, while the translated version of the post into English can be found here.

unnamed (1)

You may read the fans comments on this video uploaded by the artists on his official Youtube :

Below is WINNER’s song, “Island”. Do you think that this singer plagiarized WINNER’s song?

UPDATE (May 28, 2018) – He already took down the video.


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