iKON Celebrated their 1000-day anniversary with tears and cheers at PRIVATE STAGE with iKonic (fan club).

‘iKON 2018 PRIVATE STAGE [KOLORFUL]’ took place at the Seoul Olympic Hall located in Songpa district, Seoul, on June 9 at 1 PM and 6 PM. iKON celebrated their 1000-day anniversary since debut through their 2nd PRIVATE SATGE following up their first PRIVATE STAGE back on March.


A total of 6000 tickets including the two PRIVATE STAGE events consisted of 3000 seats each were all sold out, proving iKON’s popularity. iKON and the fans became united through the opening performances of ‘Welcome Back’ and ‘Sinosijak’, as ‘PRIVATE STAGE’ pursues the communication between the artist and fans.

B.I, who hosted the talk time event stated, “We meet again in 3 months through PRIVATE STAGE”, while JAY explained, “KOLORFUL represents the various colors of our future”. DK stated “It’s been 999 days since we first met iKonic. It’s like Christmas eve. Let’s have fun”, revealing his expectations on the event.

iKON had an impressive career for 1000 days since they first made debut. They were placed at no. 1 in music charts and music broadcasts with their warm-up debut single ‘MY TYPE’ released back on September 10, 2015. They swept rookie awards in Korean music awards and also received the rookie award at Japan Record Awards for the third time as Korean artists, and in 7 years since BIGBANG. Furthermore, the title song ‘LOVE SCENARIO’ from their 2nd official album ‘RETURN’ released on January 25, was placed at no. 1 in music charts for 43 days.


The first corner of PRIVATE STAGE was called ‘I am iKONIC this much’. They spent time communicating with each other while the members read stories by fans related to iKON. The episodes included stories of a mother and daughter who visited PRIVATE STAGE and special events that occurred during iKON concerts.

In the ‘KONIC WORLD ‘BLACK’: A Gentleman’s Dignity’ corner, iKON transformed into gentlemen in black suits. The game was a corner where members of iKON choose what special effects they receive during the solo performances. iKON competed each other fiercely, but smiled happily when they saw each other.

The solo performances raised the mood of PRIVATE STAGE. JAY and JU-NE performed ‘THE WAY YOU MOVE’ together, while DK displayed a detailed yet powerful dance performance. BOBBY and B.I gathered attention with solo performances of ‘TENDAE’ and ‘ONE AND ONLY’ respectively. CHAN revealed his hidden rap skills through his first ever solo performance of ‘BORN HATER’, while SONG captivated the audience through his solo performance of ‘Look At Me, Gwisoon’.

At the end of the concert, there was a surprise event by iKonic. When iKON were about to take pictures with the fans, a video celebrating iKON’s 1000-day anniversary was shown on the large screen. The fans cheered by waving the phrase ‘Good work, iKON’’. iKON shed tears while continuously stating, “Thank you”.

BOBBY stated, “One of the letters said iKON is a ‘companion of our youth’. It’s overwhelming that we are meaningful to our fans”, while CHAN shed tears and stated, “Thank you for the wonderful event. It’s really touching”, and shed tears.

DK stated, “We’ll be back soon. Thank you for saying ‘We did well’. All of you iKonic, you’ve done well too”, expressing his gratitude. SONG stated, “Thank you for making us feel loved”, while JAY stated, “iKonic has been with us all the time. ‘Good work’ is a touching phrase for both of us. Sorry, thank you, and we love you”.

Meanwhile, members of iKON are currently displaying their 7 unique chars by becoming producers in their first ever reality program, ‘Self-Produced iKON TV’. They are expected to bring waves in the K-Pop scene once again in the summer, following up their previous hit ‘LOVE SCENARIO’.

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