Song Mino appeared as a guest on the entertainment program, “City Fishermen” (also called Urban Angler), and was crowned as a lucky fishing prince.

On the episode aired on the 28th, the regular casts, Lee Kyung-gyu, Microdot and Lee Duk-hwa departs to Incheon for their guests, WINNER’s Song Mino and Kim Jinu.

At the start of the show, Mino stated that he’s doesn’t feel like fishing as he have never tried it before. He has no experience in fishing but was still filled with confidence. With lots of potential, he predicted beforehand that he will be reborn as “Song Tae-gong(Song Mino + Jiang Tae Gong, a very famous angler in Chinese history).

He worked very hard to succeed, even his ‘fishing sweats’ were brighter while on board. During their first catch, he could not hide his excitement and was so enamored with fishing.

Earning the ‘Song Tae Gong’ nickname is not even an exaggeration. They were so hyped up after Mino went back to fish and pulled the very heavy fishing rod. They were so surprised with Mino’s catch. Thus, the ‘lucky prince of fishing’ is born.

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