It’s what the fans have been waiting for all these years! After the tragedies that happened to her from the past, it seems Park Bom is ready to take the world on once again!

For us the fans, it doesn’t really matter anymore if 2NE1’s going to be back as a whole or individually do what they wanna do. All we need is their voice, their presence, the assurance that we’re still gonna be able to hear them sing and perform…

To us, the four of them is a power we cannot even comprehend – the music, the aura, the attitude. There is the legendary Spice Girls in the early 2000’s….then there’s 2NE1, the evolution of girl power in this generation and we are so damn lucky to have witnessed such epic girl group being born…disbanded…and will be having their ‘rebirth’….sometime in the future. Hopefully, real soon.

In her twitter, Park Bom wrote,

“Everyone, are you doing well? I want to sing. I’ll bring good music for you to listen to soon. Everyone, I’m starting to get ready. You’ve waited a long time for this, right? I miss all of my fans from around the world. I hope you get ready too. I’ll make you happy.”

To Bommie-unnie, you have no idea how much the fans have waited for you…you have no idea that your fans have waited for you, and the group every year. They would ask and beg every day for 2NE1 to come back…

We understand the group isn’t getting any younger, but your fans have grown up as well. Just as the song which brought you many trophies and #1’s, “I Don’t Care“, we don’t really care what happened in the past, all we care about is that you are well, that you are healthy, and that all of you have withstood all the trials and adversities.

To those who are saying that 2NE1 is not 2NE1 when one or two have left the group, we’ll just chuckle and roll our eyes. In our hearts, to the real BlackJacks, 2NE1 is alive. You can come out one by one… to us, it doesn’t matter.

We are not sure if you are coming back under YG, or with another entertainment agency. If you’d be out from the agency, our hearts will bleed for sure. We are praying, and begging, and will even kneel down in front of Papa YG, that he may understand us, our hearts…we existed when 2NE1 was born…how can we go on without you?

We’re turning 10 years real soon, we don’t know how to go on without 2NE1…the thoughts that you’ll be coming back is keeping us alive.

Thank you, Bommie for the good news.

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