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From iKON to BIGBANG and WINNER, YG Entertainment have continued their reign this year with successive #1s on music charts.

Starting off with BLACKPINK this June, the girls are killing it with the successful release of their new mini-album, “SQUARE UP” produced by TEDDY (Teddy Park, former YG’s 1TYM member, 2NE1/BIGBANG producer, YG Entertainment and the Black Label producer).

Then who’s going next?

In his comprehensive plans, YG made mention that BIGBANG is next, a solo album is on the way for BIGBANG’s youngest, Seungri which YG promised to release by July. Seungri will also star in YG Electronics, to be released on Netflix that month.

The group, iKON also have an upcoming comeback by summer. Although their comeback schedule isn’t released yet, we expected that the album will be out by mid-July or on August.

Following iKON will be the SECHSKIES, the idols who reigned the music scenes for 20+ years will be coming back by September. Although YG desires to release Eun Ji Won’s hiphop solo album, we don’t think it is YG’s priority at this moment.

As for HIGHGRND, we still have no news about an Epik High comeback this year. We are still waiting for Lee Hi and Suhyun of AKMU to release something this year too.

In a post made today, June 18, official YG’s Instagram updated a video of WINNER during their WWIC 2018 Private Stage (fanmeeting) with the following hashtag:




It is expected that following iKON or SECHSKIES, WINNER will release a new song. It could be a single track since the group already released their full-length album last April. But the most anticipated of all is MINO‘s solo album. The versatile rap idol gained a massive following not only by his rapping prowess but also by exhibiting his quirky personality and artistic side in variety programs. He has an unconventional rapping style which sets him apart from other rappers – men finds his lyrics “relatable”, while women finds his rapping style sexy, plus he can have them all swooning over him with his well-versed written words.


YG actually planned of reviving the old family tradition, by placing artists from different groups in one unit. We expected that we could finally see Mino, Bobby, One, B.I and Hoon in one unit, probably Eun Ji Won would also be in the lineup. But this one has no definite schedule yet. Hopefully, we could see this by the end of the year.

It would be a nice family reunion if YG could make this all happen this year. What do you think?


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