[Osen, June 7] YG Entertainment’s YANG HYUN SUK announced iKON’s comeback this summer.

On June 7, YANG HYUN SUK wrote:

“#iKON #Custom_Mic #Only_For_iKON #Once_Again_This_Summer #YG”

Along with the captions, representative YANG HYUN SUK posted photos of seven mics and iKON’s logo, raising expectations on iKON’s summer comeback.


iKON rewrote boy group history in K-Pop with the title song ‘LOVE SCENARIO’ from their 2nd official album ‘RETURN’, released on January. ‘LOVE SCENARIO’ dominated music charts by being placed at no. 1 on real-time, daily, weekly, and monthly charts, as well as setting a milestone by maintaining their top spot for 43 days. The song is still ranked high in various charts.

Furthermore, the MV for ‘LOVE SCENARIO’ surpassed 100 million views on YouTube as of June 1 at 3:15, becoming iKON’s first video to reach 100 million views.

Members of iKON are currently displaying their various charms through the reality program, Self-Produced iKON TV’.

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