[Ilgan Sports, June 04] BIGBANG’s SEUNGRI will run his music label with YG Entertainment.

On June 4, YG’s YANG HYUN SUK revealed SEUNGRI’s CEO business card in black color through his Instagram. SEUNGRI’s position was written as the representative CEO of NHR.

According to YANG HYUN SUK, NHR is a DJ label operated by SEUNGRI that will cooperate with YGX, a new subsidiary company of YG. He explained that the companies will “target markets overseas through collaborations by DJs and artists from YG Entertainment”.

YGX will take over the tasks previously assigned to HIGHGRND and handle entertainment business related operations. Unlike the case with HIGHGRND, the entertainment company will be co-operated with YG, including the parent company’s direct and indirect involvements.

YG Academy, which is YG’s new dance academy, is also a part of YGX. YANG HYUN SUK stated, “Coming from a dancer background, it’s very exciting for me since establishing a dance academy is something I always wanted to do even before establishing YG Entertainment”. He added, “It’s not hard to find star celebrities in Korea that mention that they were dropped out from a YG audition before debut. YGX will be able to directly scout talented individuals to YG, so I hope that we won’t make the same mistakes and miss out on talented individuals who have potential to become stars in the future”.

Admin Note: Not sure about this, but I think YG did read our previous commentaries and suggestions about Mixnine controversy .

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