“Lee Deokhwa’s High Praise” on ‘The City and the Fisherman’, WINNER Mino x Jinwoo Fish for 12 Hours ‘Don’t Know How to Give Up’


Song Mino and Kim Jinwoo from the group WINNER turned out to be men who don’t know how to give up. Even while fishing for a whopping 12 hours, they showed their tireless fervor so that Lee Deokhwa showed his admiration.

On the July 5th broadcast of Channel A’s ‘Just Trust and Follow Me, City and the Fisherman(further mentioned as City and the Fisherman), Lee Deokhwa, Lee Kyungkyu, Microdot as well as guests WINNER’s Song Mino and Kim Jinwoo were shown leaving for Gunsan in order to fish for large red seabream.

The city fishermen, who left early in the morning for Gunsan’s Yamido Harbor in order to fish for large red seabream, could not hide their excitement. However when instead of red ‘seabream’, only ‘spotty bellied greenling’ were biting their lines that they could not hide their embarrassment and to make matters worse a sea fog covered them which adds frustration. No matter how far they went around, the red seabream weren’t caught and even the common spotty bellied greenling began to be scarce. With everyone tiring out, they ended up needing to stop for lunch without catching a single red sea bream all morning.

After the cast’s lunch time, it came time for the staff to eat their lunch and while this was a time for the cast to rest, Kim Jinwoo quietly starting fishing without his assigned camera staff. He fished, showing his determination to catch a red sea bream. Song Mino also showed his fervor for red seabream fishing, trying to bait worms on his hook that he normally wouldn’t be able to touch.

Song Mino said to Kim Jlnwoo, “I’m now entirely over worms. Honestly I wasn’t able to catch a sea bream today but from this one thing I grew today. For me. this is a huge growth”. Kim Jinwoo commended by saying, “it’s a big growth. For real”. At their last location, Song Mino and Kim Jinwoo showed their resolution by saying, “Let’s try until the end. Fighting” and starting fishing.

But unfortunately they had to end their Gunsan fishing without having caught any red seabream. In his interview with the show’s staff Kim Jinwoo said, “It was mentally difficult. My pride was really wounded. I started having thoughts of ‘Am I only going to catch the spotty bellied greenling and not be able to catch the seabream?’” continuing, “it was irritating not being able to catch it and it was like losing to the seabream. It felt like I was fighting with myself”. Song Mino said, “At first no one was able to catch it but when WINNER couldn’t catch it, I became impatient”.

“Because WINNER as a team are guys who have always grown through competition, losing is really difficult. I really wanted to succeed”. He continued by confessing, “However, Mr Deokhwa told us ‘Be patient’, ‘It’s one out of every ten times’. So our hearts were eased”.

While Kim Jinwoo and Song Mino weren’t able to catch any red seabream, their inability to give up moved the city fisherman. Lee Deokhwa said, “their attitude towards fishing was great. They continued even when as their legs were trembling”. Microdot said, “if they hadn’t found an enjoyment for it, they wouldn’t have been able to try this hard’.” City and the Fisherman’s Jang Siwon PD said, “I was impressed by seeing how they fished”. sharing his admiration.

Also to seeing Song Mino not giving up and baiting hooks with worms that he previously couldn’t touch, Lee Deokhwa said You could see his tenacity”. While they fished for 12 hours without being able to catch a single red seabream, Song Mino and Kim Jinwoo showed ‘tenacious fishing’. Even though they weren’t able to catch the fish, they were two people who showed growth.

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