1. Song Mino & Seungri, awesome!! [+242, –2]

2. That artists I like are working together. it’s so great. I hope Seungn’s solo album is a bit hit and subsequently Mino will nicely take the baton with his solo. Hope everyone is a great success. [+119, 0]

3. Seungri and Mino!!! Looking forward to it, [+77, 0]

4. Wow! Mino worked on the title song! Hope Seungri’s album is a success! [+63,0]

5. I wish July 20th would come soon. I hope Seungri’s album is a big hit. Mino Fighting (+41, 0]

6. The song StOngerr that MINO featured on was so good but hearing Seungri’s song is an upbeat party dance song makes me anticipate it even more. Seems like we’ll be able to listen to an upbeat song during the holiday season. (+27, 0]

7. I surely hope we can see Mino and Seungri’s stage performance… [+26, 0]

8. Seungri and Song Mino, all you need to do is trust and listen ㅠㅠ ㅠㅠ Awesome [+240)

9. I’ve enjoyed listening to Seungri’s album and for Song Mino to be featuring on it. what a fresh combination. It feels like Seungri’s sweet voice and Song Mino’s voice will go well together. [+22, 0]

10. Song Mino really does a lot of featurings. Seungri, hope your solo album is a success! Please, it’d be great if Mino can appear on the first music broadcast tr n (+21, 0]

11. Song Mino featuring! That he’s going to be in the MV as well, I’m so looking forward to it! Seungri Fighting, hope its a great success! (+19, 0]

12. Even now I like Strong Baby. I’m so curious what kind of feel this song will have. Seungri & Mino what a combination. (+19, 0)


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