YG Entertainment has released Seungri’s first solo album teaser poster for its second title track entitled, “Where RU From” on their official blog.

Most notable on the said teaser is WINNER‘s Song Mino‘s featuring on the song. The unexpected collaboration is greatly anticipated for the new kind of synergy that both will bring about.

SEUNGRI’s main title song ‘1, 2, 3!’, is a song with fresh vibes which the public did not anticipate, while the sub-title song ‘WHERE R U FROM’ is a dance party song that matches well with SEUNGRI’s nickname, ‘Seungtsby’.”

A YG official said, “Artists from YG have recently chosen one song as a title and focused on one MV. However, SEUNGRI created a MV even for his sub-title song, as it’s his first official album since debut”, and asked for the fans’ support”.

Mino isn’t only in the featuring & writing the lyric in Seungri‘s sub title track “Where R U From” but will also appear in the music video & they’re working in adjusting the schedule so that they can perform the song in the 1st music broadcast.

The lyrics of the song “WHERE RU FROM” was was jointly written by Seungri and Song Mino, composed by Seungri and Future Bounce.

The title song of the album  ‘I’ll Count to Three (1, 2, 3!)’ was produced, written, and composed by hitmaker TEDDY. SEUNGRI also participated in the writing and composing of the song..”

Seungri will come back for his first solo album, ‘THE GREAT SEUNGRI‘ on the 20th. It is an opportunity to see Seungri’s musical charm once again without BIGBANG, 5 years after his release of ‘Let`s Talk About Love’ album in August, 2013.

In this regard, Seungri stated that “preparations are already over and we will do our best. I won’t let the members (BIGBANG) down”.

Yang Hyun-suk, the representative producer, also conveyed news of Seungri’s comeback.

After the solo comeback on the 20th, the tour will begin for with the first solo concert ‘SEUNGRI 2018 1st SOLO TOUR [THE GREAT SEUNGRI] in SEOUL x BC CARD‘ at the Changchung Gymnasium in Seoul from 4th to 5th of August. .