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iKON will reassure their top popularity by appearing on JTBC ‘Idol Room’ in full form.

After successfully releasing their new mini album ‘NEW KIDS:CONTINUE’, iKON will make a guest appearance on JTBC ‘Idol Room’ on August 28 at 6:30 PM.

iKON previously revealed their special ‘chemistry’ with MCs Jung Hyungdon and Defconn, when they were promoting the song ‘LOVE SCENARIO’. As iKON selected ‘Idol Room’ as the program to appear on in full form, people are already looking forward to the chemistry iKON will reveal with MCs ‘Donnie and Connie’.

iKON earned the nickname ‘elementary school presidents’ with the massive popularity of ‘LOVE SCENARIO’ among elementary school and kindergarten children. They are expected to go though a ‘nickname fact check’ through the broadcast, which is raising curiosities by fans.

As soon as the group made comeback with the album ‘NEW KIDS:CONTINUE’, iKON topped iTunes Album Charts in 24 countries. Furthermore, they were ranked at no. 1 on Japan’s iTunes Album Comprehensive Chart and K-Pop Album Chart, as well as topping China Kugou Music’s K-Pop New Releases Chart, proving their popularity in the Asian market.

At the same time, the MV for ‘KILLING ME’ surpassed 10 million views on YouTube in 3 days since its release, becoming a hot topic.

Furthermore, various parodies of the ‘KILLING ME Challenge’ are spreading through social media sites all over the word. The ‘KILLING ME Challenge’ refers to combining daily phrases such as ‘Too good it’s killing me’, ‘Too hot it’s killing me’, and ‘Too fin it’s killing me’ with the MV for ‘KILLING ME’ and sharing it through social media.

 With the momentum, iKON will hold the first concert of ‘iKON 2018 CONTINUE TOUR’ on August 18 at 5 PM in Seoul Olympic Gymnastics Arena, to have a special meeting with Korean fans.


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