iKON will dominate the 2nd half of 2018, following their domination of the first half. They notified their upcoming comeback to be October 1. 

Today (11th) at 10 AM, YG Entertainment made a surprise reveal of the poster for iKON’s upcoming mini album titled ‘NEW KIDS: THE FINAL’ through their official blog. 

After receiving love and support during the first half of 2018 with the song ‘LOVE SCENARIO’, iKON notified their ‘third comeback’ this year following their most recent release, ‘KILLING ME’. 

The act is unprecedented since it is impossible to release an album within the YG system unless the music has a good degree of completion. 

One can sense how work iKON put in to their musical creations.

iKON’s 2nd mini album is known to be the ‘NEW KIDS’ album series final as the title ‘THE FINAL’ suggests. 

People are paying keen attention on what kind of mood the title song will bring out this time. 

iKON topped Korean music charts for 43 days with the song ‘LOVE SCENARIO’, released this year during the first quarter. The song gave iKON the nickname of ‘elementary school presidents’, as kindergarten and elementary school children started a sing-along boom.

After taking a challenge on another wave with the song ‘KILLING ME’, iKON proved the group’s global popularity by topping iTunes Album Charts in 24 different countries, Japan’s iTunes Album Chart and K-Pop Album Chart, and China Kugou Music K-Pop New Releases Chart. 

People are already paying attention on whether the group will be able to make a ‘consecutive homerun’ by making comeback on October 1, following their previous releases including ‘LOVE SCENARIO’ and ‘KILLING ME’. 

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