Idol group WINNER had a fantastic opening of their 5th Japan tour.

From September 8 until the 9th. WINNER notified the start of their ‘WINNER 2018 EVERYWHERE TOUR IN JAPAN’ in Orix Hall, Osaka.

The group opened up the concert with the song ‘EMPTY’. The group performed a fantastic dance performance after appearing on a large-scale LED stage with 6m width and a 3m height. WINNER then continued by performing songs including ‘HELLO’ and the title song ‘EVERYDAY’. The crowd cheered at WINNER’s matured musicality mixed with Trap genre during their performance of the title song.

The performance for ‘REALLY REALLY’, which became a turning point for WINNER’s musical color heated up the scene with restrained vocals and dance moves. The song ‘REALLY REALLY’ captured the global trend of music while emphasizing WINNER’s unique melody and vocals, which led the group to surpass 100 million streams in early 2018.

After completing the opening stage, YOON stated, “The title of this tour is ‘EVERYWHERE’. We named it with our desire to spread and play our music everywhere in this nation, wherever our fans reside in”. He continued, “We prepared hard hoping to make all of you happier. We’ll continue working hard and try to open up a tour which visits every location in the future”.

During the encore performances, a cake celebrating WINNER’s 4-year debut anniversary in Japan grabbed the people’s attention. WINNER celebrated their anniversary with the fans. JINU expressed gratitude towards the audience while shedding tears.

WINNER performed a total of 22 songs for 2 and a half hours during their concert in Osaka. The group expressed their thoughts and gratitude towards the local fans with amazing performances, and enjoyed their debut anniversary with them.

‘WINNER 2018 EVERYWHERE TOUR IN JAPAN’ will continue on 9/15 in Miyagi Sendai Sun Plaza, on 9/17 in Okayama Kurasiki Citizen Hall, on 9/29 in Nagasaki Brick Hall, on 9/30 in Kagoshima Hozan Hall (Kagoshima Prefectural Culture Center), from 10/2 to 10/3 in Fukuoka Citizen Gymnasium, on 10/5 in Shizuoka Citizen’s Culture Hall, on 10/6 in Aichi Japan Forest Hall, and on 10/6 in Kanagawa Pacifico Yokohama National Convention Hall.

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