iKON shared their appreciation towards the fan club iKONIC on the group’s 3 years anniversary, for their continuous love and support.

On September 15, iKON’s 3 years anniversary, iKON stated, “We would like the fans that have supported us for the past 3 years” and added, “It is not only the day we get celebrated but also the day iKONIC gets celebrated, since we would not be here without your support”.

They also added, “We have a comeback up ahead. Please look forward to it since we’re planning to meet you through various TV programs and activities. We will stay grateful. Please show love and support on our upcoming release on October 1”.

YG Entertainment congratulated iKON’s 3 years anniversary by revealing a congratulatory poster through their official blog (www.yg-life.com). iKON showed off their unchanged teamwork, while displaying bright smiles.

iKON made debut after competing in ‘WIN : WHO IS NEXT’ and ‘MIX & MATCH’. Members including B.I, JAY, BOBBY, SONG, JU-NE, DK, and CHAN revealed their extraordinary talents as vocals and dancers during the program, raising expectations on the group’s debut.

The warm-up debut single ‘MY TYPE’ achieved an ‘all-kill’ status in Korean music charts after the song’s release on September 15, 2015. iKON also topped terrestrial network music broadcasts in 11 days since debut, without making appearance in the show. They also held their debut concert in Olympic Gymnastics Arena, which was the largest concert venue in Korea at the time. Thus, the group was given the nickname, ‘monster rookies’.

After releasing a half-album and debut full album ‘WELCOME BACK’, iKON performed music in various genres with songs including ‘APOLOGY’, ‘RHYTHM TA’, ‘DUMB & DUMBER’, ‘WHAT’S WRONG’, and ‘#WYD’. They swept various awards by winning the 2015 ‘Melon Music Award’, 2015 Mnet Asian Music Awards Rookie of the Year, and the Rookie Artist of the Year Award in the 30th Golden Disk Awards.

With the release of ‘NEW KIDS : BEGIN’ containing ‘BLING BLING’ and ‘B-DAY’ on May 2017, iKON announced the start of the ‘NEW KIDS’ series and stepped up into the next stage.

By releasing their 2nd official album ‘RETURN’ containing the title song ‘LOVE SCENARIO’ this year on January, iKON became a huge influencer in music charts. ‘LOVE SCENARIO’ topped Korean music charts for 43 consecutive days, receiving love from listeners of all ages. The song started a sing-along syndrome among kindergarten and elementary school children, earning iKON the nickname ‘elementary school presidents’.

iKON did not stop with the success of their mega-hit, ‘LOVE SCENARIO’. They transformed with the song ‘KILLING ME’ from their album ‘NEW KIDS : CONTINUE’, which had a different concept with ‘LOVE SCENARIO’. They satisfied a broader range of fans with matured songs and performances.

The group also presented laughter by making appearances in various TV programs. ‘Self-Produced iKON TV’ revealed unique items by individual members, based on the concepts submitted by the members themselves. iKON’s sincerity in their daily lives which contrasted with iKON’s glamorous performances on stage earned empathy from the viewers.

iKON also continued to succeed not only in Korea, but also overseas. The group set a milestone by holding a dome concert in the shortest amount of time as a foreign artist since making debut in January 2016. The group also won the Rookie Artist of the Year Award in Japan Record Awards at the same year, for the third time as a Korean Artist. BIGBANG won the same award 7 years prior to iKON.

While iKON is meeting global fans through concert tours every year, the group will meet Australian fans for the first time this year. On October 25 and 27, ‘iKON 2018 CONTINUE TOUR’ will be held in Sydney and Melbourne. The tour will also be held in on 9/22 in Taipei, 10/13 in Kuala Lumpur, 10/19~10/20 in Bangkok, 11/4 in Singapore, 11/11 in Manila, 1118 in Jakarta, and on 11/12 in Hong Kong.

After sharing meaningful moments with the fans as always, iKON will release ‘NEW KIDS: THE FINAL’, their 2nd mini album and final of the ‘NEW KIDS’ trilogy series. The group is about to release their third hit-song of the year following ‘LOVE SCENARIO’ and ‘KILLING ME’.

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