The premiere of ‘YG Electronics’ is highly anticipated among the public due to its director Park Junsu, the number one producer of b-rated comedy known for his previous works including ‘God of Music’ and ‘UV Syndrome’.

After bringing a new wave in TV variety shows with ‘God of Music’ and ‘UV Syndrome’, producer Park Junsu is now ready to make comeback with a sitcom with all-new concepts. He is a producer from Mnet, known for forming a new trend of fake documentaries by combining b-rated vibes and humor. He will now present a real sitcom with YG Entertainment and SEUNGRI.

‘YG Electronics’ will cover the story of SEUNGRI who gets demoted to YG’s Strategic Data Department, struggling to save YG Entertainment from crisis and get entrusted by the president. Not only SEUNGRI but also other artists and celebs from YG Entertainment will play as themselves, which will confuse the viewers if the program is real or fake. Producer Park Junsu will shine once again through ‘YG Electronics’, as the maestro of variety shows and fake documentaries.

On the reason why he planned ‘YG Electronics’, Park Junsu explained, “YG Entertainment is a mystic and mysterious agency in the public’s perspective. Their music and visuals are full of swag, but it’s hard to spot their artists through media. I thought it would be interesting to caricature YG’s inside and charms which are hard to approach”. On the reason why he casted SEUNGRI, the producer explained, “I wanted president YANG HYUN SUK but he declined and recommended SEUNGRI instead. The reason behind it was that SEUNGRI wants to resemble the president and does a good impression of him. For the same reason, the producing team gratefully accepted the president’s recommendation”.

Producer Park Junsu put detailed and intricate effort in this project. He prepared scripts for the staff and starting cast separately, to get real and vivid reactions from artists. Producer Park stated, “A lot of guests made appearances without knowing what ‘YG Electronics’ is about. The real reactions coming from unexpected events turned into natural laughing points”. ‘YG Electronics’ is a real sitcom directed by Park Junsu and written by Kim Minsuk of ‘SNL Korea’, which portrays SEUNGRI’s actual character full of ambition. Other artists from YG including BLACKPINK, iKON, WINNER, and ONE are known to have made guest appearances, raising expectations on the show.

The crazy but real sitcom, ‘YG Electronics’ which portrays the process of SEUNGRI trying to achieve his ambitions as ‘The Great Seungtsby’ will make the viewers addicted to its b-rated vibes and humor. The program will premiere on October 5 through Netflix and will be available for viewers in over 190 countries in the world.

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