2 versions of main posters and the main preview video for , scheduled to premiere through global entertainment service provider Netflix on October 5, have been revealed.

While is gathering attention from fans with its cast composed of artists from YG Entertainment including SEUNGRI, YOO BYUNG JAE, LEE JAIJIN, and JINU, 2 versions of main posters and the main preview clip for the program have been revealed. is a real sitcom which covers SEUNGRI’s story and struggles to save YG Entertainment from crisis and get back to the president after getting demoted to YG Strategic Data Headquarters.

The main poster wittily expresses the buzzy and cheerful nature of , with all executives and staff members gathered in one place. SEUNGRI filled with confidence and the others sitting in freewheeling postures are raising expectations on the upcoming real sitcom.

Meanwhile, the main preview revealed executives and staff members working together with different purposes. SEUNGRI calls YG Electronics the “Brain group within the firm” and proudly thinks the department is a “team that is responsible for YG’s future”, but the others talk behind SEUNGRI’s back. He gets rejected from junior artists BLACKPINK, gets hit in the back of the head, and undergoes an armbar, showing that his role as an advisor in YG Electronics would not be easy. However, he does not give up and stays ambitious to revive YG Electronics and get back to the president. People are wondering how long his confidence will last, and what kind of events will happen throughout the episodes.

The maestro of insanity, unhindered real sitcom will premiere on October 5 exclusively through Netflix.


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