Singer BOM will make a special appearance on ‘YG Electronics’.

On October 4, NETFLIX informed Sports Kyunghyang that “BOM will appear on ‘YG Electronics’. The filming is complete, and she will appear as one of many special guests for the sitcom”.

It will be BOM’s appearance on a broadcast in 5 years after her ‘drug import controversy’.

BOM will appear on one episode of ‘YG Electronics’ as a cameo, while the fact that she used to be an artist of YG was how her appearance was settled. BOM is currently preparing for a solo comeback after signing with a newly established agency.

‘YG Electronics’ is a sitcom that aims for B-rated vibes and covers the story of BIGBANG’s SEUNGRI who gets demoted to YG Strategic Data Headquarters of YG Entertainment, who then struggles to save the agency from crisis and get back to the arms of the ‘president’.

The program is becoming a hot topic since it will be PD Park Junsu’s first production work after joining YG Entertainment. He is known for directing successful programs such as Mnet ‘God of Music’ and ‘UV Syndrome’.

‘YG Electronics’ will have its global premiere in 190 countries all over the world on the 5th, exclusively through NETFLIX.

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