‘Leader’ EUN JIWON… The Reason Why SECHSKIES Exists


Although he is known as ‘Eun Choding’ in variety shows, he was the one and only leader of SECHSKIES. Thanks to his existence, SECHSKIES still stood tall.

From October 13~14, SECHSKIES held the concert titled ‘SECHSKIES 2018 CONCERT-Here·Now·Again’ in the Olympic Gymnastics Arena located in Songpa-gu, Seoul. Approximately 40 thousand fans gathered during the period to support SECHSKIES, while yelling ‘SECHSKIES is the best’.

EUN JIWON’s popularity was superb among all. As he is the most active member in variety programs, his appearances on TV made him the most popular member. However, he is the leader of SECHSKIES. He must’ve been the busiest leader among leaders of all idol groups. Member KANG SUNGHOON’s embezzlement became a hot topic, eventually making him announce the absence from the concert.

KANG SUNGHOON was an important member as he takes part as the main vocalist for SECHSKIES. The big issue was how his absence would be filled up during the concert. However, it turned out to be a needless worry throughout the concert. EUN JIWON superbly led the team while also taking the role as the vocalist. He took responsibility of KANG SUNGHOON’s parts during the performances.

Member LEE JAIJIN also supported EUN JIWON by taking part as a vocalist. The reactions were amazing. His hidden vocal talent besides his rap and dance skills made the fans forget about KANG SUNGHOON. This was also possible due to EUN JIWON. LEE JAIJIN made the audiences burst into laughter by stating, “Brother JIWON had a hard time. He looked tired while singing”.

In fact, EUN JIWON was all over the place throughout the concert. The other members also did a good job, but the concert wouldn’t have been possible without EUN JIWON’s lead. The hosting, talk, and finishing of the concert were all EUN JIWON’s role.

When EUN JIWON had to temporarily leave the stage due to his outfit, the members were struggling on hosting the event while looking for EUN JIWON.

Including EUN JIWON, none of the members mentioned KANG SUNGHOON during the concert. They only tried hard to unite the fans with the 4 members on stage. EUN JIWON stated, “I hope that everyone with a lot of thoughts would forget about them and enjoy the event with us today”. 

Dance, singing, and the hosting were all impossible without EUN JIWON. It seemed that SECHSKIES exist because EUN JIWON exists. He was the reason how SECHSKIES can stand tall as 4 members without GO JIYONG and KANG SUNGHOON.


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