MINO in ‘Let’s Eat Dinner Together’, ‘A Meal’ Faced After 70 Attempts


MINO succeeded in Let’s Eat Dinner Together after approximately 70 attempts. 

On JTBC’s variety program ‘Let’s Eat Dinner Together’ aired on the 24th, actress Lim Soohyang and WINNER’s MINO re-appeared as dinner mates. 

MINO and Lim Soohyang appeared with the titles ‘dinner mate with the most number of failures’ and ‘dinner mate with the highest viewer ratings per minute’. It was MINO’s third time appearing in the program as a guest, which grabbed the viewers’ attention. 

Lee Kyungkyu made a joke towards Lim Soohyang who appeared on a drama with his daughter Lee Yerim by stating, “Why didn’t you come out with Cha Eunwoo”. Lim Soohyang replied, “I got close with Yerim. I promised to visit your house. I’ll meet you there”, making everyone burst into laughter. 

The four people then headed for Seongsu-dong, where they earned their first meal. Lee Kyungkyu and Kang Hodong ran into the owner of the house who gave them their first meal and exchanged happy greetings. 

Kang Hodong and MINO teamed up while Lee Kyungkyu and Lim Soohyang teamed up, starting their challenge for a meal. MINO revealed his confidence by stating, “What happens if we succeed at once”, while ringing the bell. However, the resident expressed his anger by stating, “Why are you filming my house. Get out”. 

There was a small incident between Lee Kyungkyu and a resident in the next challenge, and MINO appeared to be flustered. They were repudiated even in their third try without even having time to exchange greetings with the resident. Kang Hodong made the people laugh by stating, “MINO doesn’t fit ‘Let’s Eat Dinner Together’”.

MINO and Kang Hodong then found a house with bright lights on and rang the bell. The residents of the house were newlywed couples, who accepted their request of having a meal together, which surprised everyone. MINO was overwhelmed and smiled for finally succeeding after making 70 attempts during his 3 appearances. 

Meanwhile, Lim Soohyang and Lee Kyungkyu entered a house after a few attempts. The Mongolian resident who greeted them explained, “In Mongolia, you always tell the guest to come on in” as the reason why he accepted the request.


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