[OFFICIAL] YG, “Libel Action on False Rumor Spreaders·Cyberbullies…… There Will be No Mercy”


YG Entertainment took legal action on false rumor spreaders, also known as ‘tabloids’. 

On October 19, YG stated, “We’ve filed bills of indictment against false rumor spreaders and cyberbullies who have been writing malicious comments and spreading false rumors online for defamation of character on Mapo police station” and emphasized, “There will be no mercy”. 

Recently, there have been ‘tabloids’ spreading through the internet that spread false rumors regarding artists of YG that are insulting and cause defamation of character. 

YG has been collecting evidence and circumstantial proof regarding malicious comments from the beginning of the year and has previously filed charges.

They will also file charges against internet users who spread false and malicious rumors to counteract the damage on artists of YG. 

YG’s representative producer YANG HYUN SUK announced ‘strong action against malicious commenters’ and created an account to receive information on malicious comments from the fans of YG, back in February. The agency took large-scale legal actions to take strong actions against the people who create and spread rumors, which is uncommon among agencies in the entertainment industry. 


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