YG’s representative producer YANG HYUN SUK will select artists for YG for ‘X ACADEMY’. 

YG’s subsidiary label operating X ACADEMY uploaded their 2nd teaser revealing iKON DK’s dance through their official blog and social media account on October 3. They revealed, “YANG HYUN SUK will select artists for YG himself through X ACADEMY’.

DK displayed free and flexible moves on the video. The dancers working along with DK are the teachers of X ACADEMY, a team called ‘HItECH’ who works for YG. Famous dancers such as Kwon Young Deuk and Kwon Young Don are part of the team. 

They filmed the video in ‘Street Hall’, which is one of the main studios in X ACADEMY.  The sensible yet fierce emotions were displayed will in the video, revealing DK’s street vibes. 

X ACAMEDY is an academy set to be established on October by YG Entertainment. YC will pass on their training experience on vocals and dancers, including their corporate culture through their new venue near Hongdae, Seoul. Their experiences and knowledge gained for the past 22 years will be passe on to new learners, as YG hoped to be. 

The best dance teams known as HITECH and CRAZY, who previously worked with BIGBANG, WINNER, iKON, and BLACKPINK, will participate as teachers. Besides these teams, the best vocal trainers and teachers who participate in the music and entertainment field will be participating as teachers. 

X ACADEMY will provide the same opportunities to experience lively education by YG for not only trainees, but also experienced individuals.

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